Favorite postpartum supplies for moms and newborns

postpartum supplies for mom and baby

Preparing for baby takes a lot of careful planning! It can be hard to know exactly what you will need. Here are a few of my favorite postpartum supplies to ensure you have what you need for mom and baby in the first weeks together at home.

Padsicles – what???

Padsicles are sanitary pads covered in healing liquids – specifically, aloe vera and witch hazel.
They are then frozen to help soothe the new mom. Most moms find that these speed their recovery.
1. Purchase the largest most extreme padded sanitary pads that you can find. Also, pick up some aloe vera, witch hazel, jojoba oil (or some like lavender oil), and a box of gallon freezer bags.
2. Open the pads, but keep them on their backing plastic, because you will need to re-wrap them. Next, pour two tablespoons of witch hazel over the pad, a tablespoon or so of aloe vera, and about a teaspoon of oil. If you add different oils – the look will be a little different.
3. Wrap the pads back up, and store them inside of a freezer bag.
4. Tuck them away in your freezer until you come home after giving birth. Once you run out of the ice pads from the hospital, start to wear one of these. I recommend placing a towel underneath where you are sitting, just in case it leaks a little bit.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Spray, Bottom Balm and Nipple Cream
These products are AMAZING. New moms give rave reviews on all three products, but, the Bottom Spray is a must have!


Bamboobies Washable Reusable Nursing Pads with Leak-Proof Backing for Breastfeeding, 3 Regular Pairs and 3 Overnight Pairs

Nursing Camisoles/Nursing Bras

Head to Target! Who doesn’t love a trip to Target? The Gillian & O’Malley nursing camis are so easy. They are perfect for lounging around the house. I would suggest a few nursing bras with good support, as well. As a mother who nursed her babies, I feel that this is essential. You should be fitted for these as close to your due date as possible.

Covered Goods Nursing Scarf
This is a multi-purpose infinity scarf that works as a nursing cover, carseat cover and a lovely scarf.

Blanqi postpartum leggings
These high waisted leggings are wonderful postpartum!

Solly baby wrap
This is an amazing wrap for your baby. Their website is user friendly and provides an instruction video.

Love, Nonny

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