Let’s celebrate each other as mothers

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I am an observer. I am not a “talker.” I listen. I listen carefully.

Thursday, March 8th, was designated International Women’s Day. I read post after post of support for women, encouraging posts of solidarity. Although it seems to be a wonderful idea, I have observed, for decades now, the lack of support between the moms that work outside of the home and those that are in the home, full time.

It is time for a change. A time for grace, a time to love each other.

In my own experience, I worked when I had two small children and it was difficult. Every single morning was a challenge. When my girls were away from me I worried. When I picked them up from daycare I was exhausted but so thrilled to see my babies.

Fast forward a few years and I was remarried with another baby on the way. My situation was different and it wasn’t a necessity for me to work. The days were no less intense. Early mornings were a challenge.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this. We all have to make our own way. We need to love each other and respect each other’s situation. Spread grace wherever you go! Every mom needs affirmation and understanding and it must start with us.


You are amazing. You actually grew a human in your body! You delivered your baby and you nurture and care for your baby. Whether you are on family leave or you will be home with your baby full time, please remember you are on a journey, a lifelong journey. Be gentle with yourself. Some things will come quite naturally while other things may be a struggle. ASK FOR HELP. There are so many resources for help. People will listen to your fears and concerns. You are not alone.

1) Please support other moms in your life. You need each other.

2) The dishes can wait, The laundry will get folded. Things will get easier and more manageable.

3) Along the way, when you meet another Mom, smile. You are part of a sisterhood! And please, please, please try not to “measure up” to anyone’s expectations. Your life, your baby, your path.

4) Embrace change and the possibilities each new day brings.

5) Smile, breathe and put one brave foot in front of the other. You have been given a gift to treasure for the rest of your life.

Love, Nonny

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