Kind Words

Client perspectives on my role as their postpartum doula.

"I don’t even know where to begin talking about Nancy. I trust my life with this woman and more importantly I trust my child’s life with her. I don’t let anyone drive my kid, but I let Nancy drive her.  I don’t like leaving my kid at night, because nighttime can be tough however, if I have to do something at night, I always ask Nancy.

Nancy is a kind, sweet, loving & caring person. She is a wonderful mother & grandmother or Nonny. She’s our Nonny. She is one of the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever encountered. She isn’t judgmental and is so wonderfully helpful!"

Evan Elizabeth

"I had my first child during my fourth year of medical school.  In preparation for my career as a pediatrician, I spent my high school and college years babysitting and working at a daycare center.  I had so much experience with infants that I thought I was fully prepared to become a mother. I was wrong. New motherhood held so many challenges for me:  breastfeeding difficulty, sleep issues, tummy troubles, and crying spells (both mine and my daughter’s!). I honestly didn’t think I could handle it.

Enter Nancy.  Nancy helped me navigate the early days, weeks, and months of life with a new baby.  She patiently sat with me and offered suggestions for my breastfeeding struggles. She taught me how to soothe my daughter and how to respond to her cries.  She guided me through the other basics of newborn care as well, like bathing and introducing a bottle. More than anything, she gave me a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear during one of the most important and emotional times in my life.

It would have been enough to have Nancy’s kind, compassionate guidance through the newborn period, but she provided so much more.  As I recovered from an unexpected c-section, she did laundry, made meals, and ran errands. She made sure I was comfortable. She lovingly cared for my daughter so I could rest.  She was a lifesaver.

Fifteen years later, I still tell people about what a gift Nancy was to our family.  I appreciated her expertise so much that I sought her help after the births of my four other children as well.  Each time, she offered gentle instruction and excellent care. Each time, she patiently served our family and selflessly gave of her time and attention.  Each time, she imparted more parenting wisdom and knowledge. These insights have been invaluable to me not only as a mother but also as a pediatrician; I have shared them with my patients’ families on countless occasions through the years.  Nancy’s impact has extended well beyond my children’s first months. She made me a better mother and a better pediatrician."

Dr. Laura L.

mother & pediatrician

"To know Nancy is to love Nancy. Whether you are a brand new mom trying to navigate the beauty and challenges that come with being a mother or you are a seasoned mother with multiple children, having Nancy by your side makes the journey through parenthood extra special.

I entrusted my first child with Nancy when she was just 2 months old. As a first time mother I was overwhelmed with emotion to leave my baby girl and return to work. The moment I met Nancy I was struck with her knowledge and wisdom of all things mommy. More than that I was instantly relieved to watch as she connected with my daughter almost instantly.

Nancy quickly became a vital resource to my husband and myself, whether it was physically caring for our child or fielding important new parent questions. Nancy has a spirit of compassion that is immediately evident. She is a treasure.

Two children and 17 years later, Nancy is a part of our family. Our children love her and affectionately call her Nonny. My husband and I consider her one of our dearest friends."

Laura Buck

mother of 2

"Nancy has been a source of loving care for me and my little boy! I had difficulty breastfeeding my son. I was nervous and, quite honestly, distraught. I had convinced myself that I was unable to do the thing I felt most passionate about. Nancy walked into the situation with such calmness. She provided me with alternatives to the latching and positioning techniques I had been using. She encouraged me every step of the way. She provided me with information for local resources I needed

During those early weeks, she cared for me and my baby with genuine tenderness and true compassion. I am grateful for her wealth of knowledge and experience. I am thankful for her willingness to really listen to me when I needed it most."

Michelle J.

"Having Nancy’s guidance and support after having my daughter  was an absolute game changer. As a first time mom I had no idea what to expect and Nancy stepped in and supported our family in such a sweet way.

Her kindness and gentle spirit made a remarkable difference in  my recovery and for the first eight weeks after my sweet daughter’s birth.  She offered kind and thoughtful advice, support, and care to both myself, my husband, and my child. My family and I will be forever grateful for her encouragement and support during those first few weeks!"

Hannah M.