Daytime Postpartum Doula Care

All the support you need for your first days and weeks as a new family.

Whether you have had an uncomplicated birth or an emergency C-section, rest is imperative for your healing.  As your postpartum doula I can offer you that much needed rest along with individualized care and nurturing. I  provide  physical, emotional and practical support for mom. My approach is unconditional and non-judgemental.

Your day with a postpartum doula:

Upon arrival I will sit down with you to assess your needs during my time there. Observing you and your baby in your home environment is invaluable as it allows me to share tips that may be helpful and practical for your family.  Please know that I fully respect and support your decisions as parents.

I am the extra set of hands, with specific experience and training, to help you navigate the first days as new parents.

My role as your daytime postpartum doula:

My role will vary each day with your unique needs, but there are core elements of postpartum care that are nearly always present:

  • My experience will put you at ease with your little one. I can help establish a day and night routine that will work for your family.
  • I will ensure you receive the proper nutrition and hydration that is essential for new moms.
  • I will assist in and offer guidance with newborn care. Bathing, swaddling, soothing and feeding can be daunting at first.
  • If unexpected challenges arise with breastfeeding I am able to help you implement strategies and provide support.
  • I am there to offer evidence-based information to help you along your journey.

I help your loved ones better support you postpartum.

I do not replace your partner or family members. Instead, I help support them as they love and encourage you  in the ways you truly need as you arrive home and settle in with your little one.  I connect and communicate with you, your partner and your family in the most effective way possible.

I want to make your home a safe haven so you can enjoy special moments with your sweet little one while I take care of all the details!

postpartum doula care

Fees and Packages

I understand that each family’s needs are unique. I  do my very best to offer a custom approach that will fit your family and your budget.  My initial phone consultation is free of charge.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

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