Nancy Lewis, Postpartum Doula, CLC, CLEC

mother of 3, grandmother to 6

Nancy Lewis Postpartum Doula

In our culture much is expected of a new mom and the focus is on the sweet baby.  In other cultures new moms are surrounded with support, often generational. They are sequestered and cherished.  Mothers are intentionally nourished physically, and more importantly, emotionally and spiritually. This support allows mothers to enjoy a more organic bonding  with their little one. I hope to bring you some of that experience of being held as a new family with caring and skilled support.

For me, there is such joy in providing tender care for new moms.

I am there to “mother the mother.”  Postpartum doula care is a powerful way to support women, to instill confidence and to ensure that each family bond is made stronger. I have decades of experience caring for new moms and their babies, and bring a sense of comfort and caring to any situation. Quite honestly, I am not easily flustered!

This is not a profession for me, it is a calling.

My personal journey as a postpartum doula.

I navigated caring for my own children alone as I brought each of them home from the hospital.  I had such a flood of emotions with each child.  I had a sense of joy mixed with a fear, exhaustion, and a feeling of abandonment. It was during those times I began to realize the value of offering assistance and support to moms and their babies.

Shortly thereafter, I began offering newborn care, with an emphasis on the mother.

CAPPA trained postpartum doula
Go-Midwife trained
Lactation Certification
Happiest Baby Certification
CPR/First Aid Certification

My personal journey has continued with my six granddaughters, ranging in ages from 18 months to 15 years! My heart overflows as I think of the blessing of supporting my own sweet daughters with their birthing experience and for what some refer to as the “fourth trimester.”

All of our relationships have been strengthened by these amazing, precious times.

I look forward to supporting your family if you invite me to be part of your postpartum care team. I consider it a privilege.