I help you thrive postpartum.

(Yes, you really can simply rest in bed snuggling your baby!)





Your postpartum doula is here to care for you.

Serving the Santa Barbara, Ventura and Ojai region.

Daytime Doula

I care for mom and baby, allowing you to nap or shower with confidence. I can organize the nursery and feeding nooks in your home, help tidy up, and prepare light meals and nutritious snacks.

Who am I?

I am that extra set of hands extended to you with compassion. I am specifically trained to be by your side as you begin your journey into parenthood. As a postpartum doula I can provide the emotional and physical support that will enhance your bonding experience with your baby. I can ensure that you are receiving proper nutritional care and much needed rest.


Night Doula

I care for your baby all night long so you can sleep well. I will feed, change, and soothe your little one back to sleep with attentive skilled care. If time allows I also tidy up, fold laundry and do food preparation.

Bringing your baby home is both exciting and daunting. I'll support your transition with compassion and skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Families Are Saying

"Nancy helped me navigate the early days, weeks, and months of life with a new baby.  She patiently offered suggestions for my breastfeeding struggles, taught me how to soothe my daughter's cries, and guided me through the basics of newborn care.  More than anything, she gave me a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear during one of the most important and emotional times in my life."

- Dr. Laura L.

"During those early weeks of new motherhood, Nancy cared for me and my baby with genuine tenderness and true compassion.  I am grateful for her wealth of knowledge and experience.  I am thankful for her willingness to really listen to me when I needed it most."

- Michelle J.

"Nancy quickly became a vital resource to my husband and myself, whether it was physically caring for our child or fielding important new parent questions. Nancy has a spirit of compassion that is immediately evident. She is a treasure."

- Laura B.

"I don’t even know where to begin talking about Nancy. I trust my life with this woman and more importantly I trust my child’s life with her...She is one of the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever encountered."

- Evan Elizabeth.

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Relax & cherish your newborn with postpartum doula care.